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Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics (Mechanix) is the heart and soul of our practice (as you can see in our name). The mechanisms of the human body, the beauty and symmetry of motion of the human form are the passion of all Body Mechanix Physical Therapists.

When the human body is moving as it should, is as strong as it was meant to be, can work as long as it should be able to and can do so while working in concert within itself, there is no need for physical therapy. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. As life happens, we humans get sick, injured and deteriorate as time goes by. We at Body Mechanix are there for you when these life events happen as they invariably do.

When the mechanics of the body get out of balance, your Body Mechanix Physical Therapist uses all the tools of the therapist's craft to help you to get back to the functional level of life that you are accustomed to, whatever that may be.

My left knee pain when walking is gone! Both the range of motion and strength in my knee have improved greatly.
-M.G. (Calumet)

Whether your back pain is preventing you from lifting your child, your ankle sprain is keeping you from walking or running or your shoulder pain doesn't let you reach up into that cupboard anymore, we are here to help.

Body mechanics encompasses evaluation of the entire posture of the body, the available movement of the body and the body's ability to perform, both everyday and highly specialized tasks. Your Body Mechanix Physical Therapist will pinpoint imbalances or deficiencies in your own body's mechanics and devise a personalized plan to get you back to where you want to be.

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