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Custom Orthotics

We will work with your doctor or foot specialist to fabricate and fit custom orthotics to your foot and footwear.

Foot pain can be very frustrating, both to experience and to try to treat. To complicate matters further, problems with the biomechanics of the foot often cause ankle, knee, hip and even low back pain. If the problem in the foot is not addressed first, the pain and discomfort will usually return.

At Body Mechanix Physical Therapy we have had great success providing long term benefits to our patients when using Sole Supports(TM) orthotics. All of our therapists are certified to cast and fit Sole Support orthotics.

The orthotic is an custom fitted insert that is fabricated out of an impression of your own foot. The orthotic is then placed into your shoe and restores normal foot biomechanics, thereby regaining healthy foot function. With all the different products advertised for relief of foot pain and deformities, picking the right one for your needs can be confusing and difficult. The truth is, the vast majority of products currently sold for foot pain solutions are not successful eliminating the problem in the long-term.

"I suffered with foot pain for over a year I haven't had any problems since I've been wearing my orthotics [Sole Supports]"
- Shirley P., Escanaba

Common foot problems, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, calluses and corns, are usually caused by lack of enough medial arch in the foot (over-pronation) when engaging in any weight bearing activity (such as walking or running). Sole Supports orthotics are unlike many other shoe inserts or arch supports which are made based upon unproven assumptions on how to control the foot. Medical studies show that the arch support in many inserts are minimal. They can end up being very expensive and are not effective in correcting foot function.

Three critical reasons make Sole Supports a highly effective orthotic. First, Sole Supports are designed to capture as high an arch as the foot can make with the heel and forefoot flat on the ground. Second, they make full contact with the entire foot in this position in order to have the mechanical power and efficiency to control the foot. Third, the orthotic is rigid enough to maintain this corrected position against the person's weight, gravity, and activity level. As a result, Sole Supports orthotics have set a new, effective standard for foot relief that helps prevent and treat common foot, leg and back conditions caused by poor foot function .

For more information on Sole Supports, visit the Sole Supports website at or call or email any Body Mechanix location.

Why Sole Supports?

  • They actually correct your foot posture

  • They combine great comfort with superior control

  • They can correct knee, hip and back posture

  • They are the only orthotic that is calibrated to match body weight, foot flexibility and activity level

  • They may reduce an established deformity with regular use

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