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We all get headaches — it's just a part of life. However, if you suffer from headaches on a regular basis either every day or several times a week, the cause of your headaches may be related to posture or a mobility problem with your neck and or shoulder.

We have all heard the term "stress headache". It's not the stress that causes the headache, it's the effect of the stress on the musculature in and around the head and neck. When we experience stress, we naturally increase the tension of our neck and shoulder musculature. This tension, in turn causes undue pressure on the base of the skull and usually results in a headache. The therapists at Body Mechanix work with patients everyday to correct posture, selectively stretch tight muscles and gently mobilize hypomobile (stiff) joints that may all be contributing to a headache. Even people who have been suffering from headaches for years can be helped by a simple evaluation of their head and neck posture and proper correction of any deficiencies that may be found.

After therapy at Body Mechanix I no longer wake up daily with headaches.
-M.K. (Escanaba)

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