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Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is the real “meat and potatoes” of your physical therapy treatment plan. Your Body Mechanix Physical Therapist will design a specific exercise program designed specifically for your particular needs and/or deficits. This will include various types of strengthening, range of motion, endurance and proprioceptive exercises. These are all explained individually below:

Strengthening exercises

These exercises are designed to improve both general strength as well as specifically targeting weak muscles that need particular attention. Strengthening is also used to increase stability in joints that have become hypermobile through injury or degenerative disease (arthritis).

Therapy at Body Mechanix has really made my knee feel so much better. I am able to bend my knee a lot more and it feels stronger.
-C.F. (Calumet)

Range of Motion exercises

These are designed to increase how far a muscle or joint can move. They can be general in nature or very focused to a particular muscle or joint that is not moving as well as it should be. These exercises usually encompass a lot of stretching as well as postural education.

Endurance exercises

Endurance exercies are prescribed to increase both general and specific endurance of either the entire body, (or portion thereof) or a specific muscle or muscle group.

Proprioceptive exercises

Proprioceptive exercises are prescribed to help with balance issues and to decrease the patient's chance of re-injuring the same joint or body part again.

Your own personalized program will be a combination of all of these various exercise types. The correct combination will speed you toward full recovery.

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