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Since therapy, my wrist is nearly back to what it was before. I am happy with the rate of progress.
-J.P. (Calumet)

My left knee pain when walking is gone! Both the range of motion and strength in my knee have improved greatly.
-M.G. (Calumet)

No pain! I feel much better since I started coming for therapy at Body Mechanix. There are no longer restricted movements in my back or neck!
-E.S. (Escanaba)

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Therapy at Body Mechanix has really made my knee feel so much better. I am able to bend my knee a lot more and it feels stronger.
-C.F. (Calumet)

After therapy at Body Mechanix I no longer wake up daily with headaches.
-M.K. (Escanaba)

I wasn't able to drive, but after only two weeks of therapy, I was able to drive myself to my appointments!
-S.B. (Escanaba)